LUTHIER Professional Tap training 

ISTD DDE Tap, Ballet & Modern

Tap Soloist

Two Times World Tap Champion 

Show & Competition Choreographer

7+ Years Teaching Experience

ISTD Exam Co-ordinator

Full DBS

First Aid Trained

Younger years: Hiphop, Musical Theatre, Contemporary and Singing Teacher

Dancer, Choreographer & Teacher



Dominique is a Tap dancer, Teacher, Choreographer and 2x World Tap Champion.

Dominique began her dance training at the Bird College Junior school when she was 15 years old. Throughout her teen years she performed professionally in Pantomimes and even began to teach, eventually going on to gain her ISTD DDE teaching qualifications in Ballet, Tap and Modern at the Deborah Capon college in 2011, trained by Deborah Capon herself, Elizabeth Harrison, Tereza Theodoulou and Kathryn Wiggans.   


On completing her training, Dominique began to teach at various dance schools across London, during which time she fell in love with choreography and went on to choreograph a number of successful pieces for competitions and shows; with a number of her students going on to gain roles in West End productions, TV shows and acceptance into prestigious dance schools such as the Royal Ballet.


Alongside teaching Dominique continued her Tap training, taking regular classes with Avalon Rathgeb, performing at the London Tap Jam as much as possible, and in 2016 she successfully auditioned for a place in the Tap Attack Company, where she had the opportunity to train with renowned tappers such as Jo Scanlan, James Doubtfire, Ryan Campel Birch, Jack Evans and Jessica Jo Marsahll to name a few. ​During this time she expanded her ability and knowledge of rhythm tap, and with such unique and professional training gained a spot on the GB Tap Team, and was selected to compete in the Production, Adult Formation and Adult Duet sections at the IDO World Tap Championships, and even had the opportunity to co-choreograph the duet entry with her dance partner Emma Tuck, taking home two gold medals and becoming a two times World Tap Champion. As well as competing, Tap Attack also provided Dominique the opportunity to perform in various shows, jams, galas and charity events. 


Keen to gain more professional performance experience, Dominique successfully auditioned as Dance Captain for a Jazz show in Cyprus - the role saw her not only perform nightly, but choreograph additional pieces for the expanding show, and even provided teaching opportunities on the island; tutoring and choreographing Team Cyprus' tap routines for the Dance World Cup. 


Dominique returned home to Kent, England in 2018 to pursue a number of new teaching opportunities, as well as setting up her own successful Tap Workshops. Whilst continuing to teach ISTD syllabus work, Dominique expanded her teaching knowledge and became proficient in teaching Baby Ballet, Melody Movement, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, Contemporary and Singing. 


Ever keen to learn and progress, Dominique decided to take a break from Teaching in late 2019, to further enhance her Tap knowledge and experience, successfully gaining a place on the prestigious professional Tap Programme at Luthier School in Barcelona. Here she trained intensely full time with some of the biggest names in Tap, including Derick Grant, Guillem Alonso, Roser Font, Ruben Sanchez, Estefania Porguera and Maria Bossey, with the opportunity to also study Music for Tap dancers, Body Percussion and Jazz Standards. 


Not afraid to let a Pandemic stop her teaching or in fact dancing, Dominique began to build an online presence and began providing a number of classes online during Covid-19, which included hosting her own Tap classes, private 1:1 training programmes and teaching for a number of schools across the country, and was even featured during a live online version of London Tap Jam with renown Tap dancer Jason Samuels Smith.

In September 2020 Dominique returned to Barcelona to continue her Tap training, along side this she became part of the Tap and Body percussion company "Wood Beats" directed by Anna Llombart. She also became part of the 2021 Tap Dance Festival UK faculty and guest tap teacher for Morea Performing arts.



I have worked with Dominique for a number of years and I am always thrilled when I see she is part of the team. Her enthusiasm and energy is effervescent. She is passionate about dance, theatre, the arts and takes the time to continually learn and develop her own craft.
Wherever you meet her in life you will be touched by a soul who is unforgettable!

Estefanía Porqueras

Tap dance teacher, performer and choreographer

She is of a kind of soul that you want to have around and work with: always smiling, always positive, always moving forward.


Principal, South London Dance School

Dom is a passionate dance teacher which shines through in her enthusiastic approach.  She engages with the children brilliantly and they respond really well to her positive energy.  Dom is in particular a fantastic tap dancer stemming from her love of music and rhythm. She was an asset to the teaching team at South London Dance School.


Tap Dancer and Shoe Maker

A Very energetic and passionate student of tap dancing. Very dedicated, absolutely convinced that she wants to dedicate herself to tap dancing and with a lot of potential. She technically she is the best of the group as well as the speed of learning.
 She improvises very well and with a little more musical richness she would expand her rhythmic vocabulary much more.
 She understands, understands and perfectly executes all the material that has been taught.

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